Police: Daytona Beach Man Sets Fire To His Home

Officials in Volusia County say a man had a bizarre explanation for why he set fire to his house.

According to incident accounts, the man told officers that snipers were coming through the roof.

Authorities say their suspect had called 911 earlier Sunday night and claimed that there were soldiers outside his apartment, and he said they were trying to kill him.

An officer was dispatched to the home, and officials say he saw flames and helped both the man and his girlfriend escape from the apartment.

Incident accounts indicate that the officer was taken to a local hospital and treated after exposure to the flames.

Authorities note that a firefighter who responded to the scene was treated for second degree burns.

Incident accounts reveal that the suspect admitted to setting the fire, telling investigators that he did it to protect himself and his wife ... and to rout out the sniper

.Authorities say that, when the man's girlfriend was questioned, she told them that there was at least one sniper, and he was "super nice."

Officials say the man and his girlfriend were taken to a facility for a mental health evaluation.


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