Deputies: Alleged Burglar Traps Self

Deputies in Volusia County say they discovered an alleged burglar in an awkward situation... trapped on the roof of a store.

Deputies say the suspect apparently tried to break a window in order to get into the business, which was closed at the time.

Apparently that didn't work, so deputies say the suspect climbed onto the roof and then tried to gain entry through a crawl space.

Deputies say that apparently failed to work, as well ... and they say the suspect found himself trapped on the roof in the bargain.

According to incident accounts, the outside world became aware of the suspect's plight when the store owner heard muffled cries for help.

Deputies say they were contacted and obtained the use of a ladder from the store owner, then checked the roof.

They say they found their suspect sitting there.

According to incident accounts, he was brought safely back to ground level, and charged with criminal mischief and attempted burglary.


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