Workers Protest at OIA

On Tuesday, JD Powers listed Orlando International Airport at the top of its roster of best airports in the nation.

This marks the second year in a row that OIA got that designation.

On the same day, service workers at the airport rallied to say they're getting left out of that success story and are still struggling with low wages.

The workers held a silent march Tuesday as part of an effort to call attention to the situation with executives at the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

The workers, as part of the "Fight for $15" campaign, said they were seeking a living wage.

Many of them said their wages have been stagnant, and some of them say they're making less than the state minimum wage since they are tipped workers.

Workers with the Services Union said the silent protest was meant as a way of calling attention to their situation while not disrupting the flow of passenger traffic at the busy airport.

They said they hoped the attention would help their call for higher wages to get some traction with the decision-makers.


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