Orlando Priest Cleared of Sex Allegations

An Orlando priest who had been accused of sexually abusing a child was cleared of those charges, according to information from law enforcement sources.

Authorities say Reverend David Gillis had been under investigation in connection with a case in Pennsylvania. 

According to accounts from investigators, Gillis had been a priest at a parish school and had been accused of abuse by the father of a child attending the school.

Police say the girl who was the alleged victim told detectives there had been no abuse.

Investigators say that, not only did the girl deny that there was abuse, but they could find no evidence of abuse, either.

Gillis had been removed from his duties by the Diocese of Orlando during the course of the investigation, and he was mentioned by name.

A Pennsylvania District Attorney said it was unfortunate that the accusation had been made public before the investigation could be finished, adding that in such cases it behooved everyone to be keenly aware that the accused has the right to due process.


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