Death Penalty Not Nixed for Markeith Loyd

Attorneys for accused killer Markeith Loyd were back in an Orlando courtroom Tuesday, filing motions on their client's behalf.

Loyd is charged with the murders of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and Orlando Police Lieutenant Debra Clayton.

In the case of Dixon, Loyd's attorneys filed a motion seeking a subpoena of communications records between her and Loyd.

Loyd's attorneys also filed a motion to have the death penalty removed from consideration in his case.

The claim, reportedly made by attorney Todd Marrero, was that State Attorney Aramis Ayala should have been the prosecutor and that the case should not have been reassigned by the governor.

The argument, according to court records, was that Ayala had chosen not to seek the death penalty in Loyd's case before she had made a declaration that she was not seek the death penalty in any case before her.

The motions by the defense were turned down, according to court records.

As it relates to the death penalty, the ruling means the ultimate punishment remains a real possibility should Loyd be found guilty in his murder trials.


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