Adam Putnam Ponders His Future

After losing the biggest election of his life, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam is trying to figure out what happens next.

He is taking the future, whatever it brings, in stride.

"Whenever one door closes another door opens, and we'll see what that is," he said. "I've got more blessings than I can say grace over."

Putnam spent years preparing his run for governor, and he appeared to be a shoe-in for the GOP nomination. 

But it only took two tweets and an endorsement from Donald Trump to destroy his dream and hand the nomination to Ron DeSantis. 

Now Putnam says his biggest concern is finishing out the job of agriculture commissioner.

It's a job he says he will do right up to the end of his term.

That term ends in January when a new agriculture commissioner is sworn in. 

It will be the first time in 22 years that Putnam is not serving in elected office.


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