Marijuana in the Ag Commissioner Race

Marijuana is turning into an issue in the race for state agriculture commissioner. 

Wells Fargo and BB&T banks closed down campaign accounts and refused to do any more business with Democrat Nikki Fried because she accepts donations from the medical marijuana industry and is an outspoken advocate.

The banks say they're prohibited by federal law from letting Fried have accounts. 

But Florida congressman Congressman Charlie Crist of Saint Petersburg says this is about more than banks.

"It's limiting patients' access to treatment options and compassionate care, causing real harm to real people," he said. "It is beyond time for the federal government to uphold states rights and the will of the people when it comes to marijuana programs."

Crist is one of the sponsors of a bill that would deal with the differences between state and federal laws governing medical marijuana.

Fried, for her prat, says she has received more attention over her fight with the banks than any other issue during the campaign for agriculture commissioner... and a new poll shows she has a slight lead over the Republican nominee.

Fried says the medical marijuana issue is not the only issue here, though it is an important one.


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