Floridians and 'Riding Out the Storm'

With the memory of Hurricane Irma fresh in mind after its one year anniversary, and with Hurricane Florence heading for the Carolinas, there is a new survey out showing how Floridians feel about evacuating in the face of a hurricane.

As it turns out, many said they have no intention of evacuating the next time they face a storm.

Former FEMA Director Craig Fugate of Gainesville says some people are determined to ride out the storm no matter how bad it may be.

"One in four would not evacuate when a Category 4 hurricane is forecast to come within ten miles of their home," he said. "And more than two-thirds of those that live in evacuation zones had previously disregarded recommendations to leave ahead of a powerful storm."

Fugate says he worries that Floridians are suffering from complacency on everything from evacuations to the proper use of emergency generators.

He says we're seeing an increase of people who don't understand the risk for generators, for example.

Fugate says people need to understand, fully, that generators cannot be run in an enclosed place or where the exhaust can get in a home.

The news from the survey, however, is not all bad. 

Fugate says disaster experts have done a good job convincing people to plan ahead for their pets. 

He says he just wishes they could say the same for people.


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