Running Mates Chosen in Governor's Race

The final line-ups are set for the governor's race. 

Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum has picked former rival Chris King as his running mate. 

The Orlando businessman says they got to know each other during the long campaign.

In a news conference that seemed to radiate an easy camaraderie, King and Gillum both indicated that their earlier competition was serious, yet friendly.

"This is not a marraige of convenience," King said. "I developed a friendship with Andrew Gillum over 18 months, as we were competing ... as I was trying to beat him ... in running for governor."

On the Republican side, Ron DeSantis has selected state Representative Jeanette Nunez as his choice for Lieutenant Governor. 

Before making the announcement, however, the DeSantis campaign made sure that Nunez deleted a tweet from 2016 where she described Donald Trump as a con-man and a supporter of the Ku Klux Klan.


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