Florida Has Role in Health Care Lawsuit

The fate of the Affordable Care Act could be decided by a federal judge in Texas who is now hearing a lawsuit designed to unravel "Obama Care." 

Florida's Republican Attorney General is one of the officials who filed the suit and State Representative Sean Shaw of Tampa says she should be ashamed.

"Pam Bondi has joined this," he said. "And her bid to undo the pre-existing coverage rule would mean that insurers could charge older patients much higher premiums both in the individual market and for employees of small business."

Shaw, who is running on the Democratic ticket for Florida Attorney General,  says 8 million Floridians with pre-existing conditions could lose their health care coverage if the lawsuit is successful.

He says if he wins in November, he'll pull the plug on Florida's part in the lawsuit.

"I'll immediately pull Florida out of this disastrous lawsuit," he said. "I'll do that day one."


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