Tropics Active over Labor Day Holiday

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center in Miami continue tracking a couple of systems in the tropics, as we head toward the peak weeks of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

An area of weather that moved into the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of Africa is virtually guaranteed to become Tropical Storm Florence, though the forecasts from the National Hurricane Center indicate it may not achieve hurricane status.

Long-range models indicate the storm also may stay well out to sea and not threaten any land areas.

Closer to Florida, forecasters are tracking a disorganized system in the Caribbean.

Weather forecasters say that system could bring Florida a rainy Labor Day weekend and Monday before it moves into the Gulf of Mexico.

The future of that system remains problematic, according to forecasters.

Officials say they'll be keeping a close watch on these systems and any others that appear as the hurricane season continues.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season reaches its statistical peak for activity on September 10. The season lasts until November 30.


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