Gillum Calls Out DeSantis for 'Gutter Politics'

Cue the trash talk in the governor's race. 

It began when Republican Ron DeSantis told FOX News the people of Florida shouldn't "monkey this up" by supporting the Democrat... who is black. 

Critics called DeSantis' comment  a thinly-veiled racist "dog whistle," and they were bristling over it.

For his part, Andrew Gillum didn't call the comments racist, but he did say Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump were peddling the derision and division of gutter politics.

Gillum added that Floridians won't buy what Trump and DeSantis are selling.

"They are sorely underestimating the people of the state of Florida if they think that is going to be acceptable in this state," he said. "Come November 6, I think they will learn that we really don't take lightly to that kind of divisive talk."

Gillum says the people of Florida are more than fed up with this kind of low-road politicking.

A spokesman for DeSantis, however, claims he was talking about the economy when he used the term "monkey" and was not referring to Gillum.


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