Former Lawmakers Urge 'No' Votes on Proposed Amendments

More than a dozen people who used to serve in the Florida legislature have teamed up to oppose the amendments placed on the ballot by the Constitution Revision Commission.

The former lawmakers have formed a group called "Save My Constitution," which claims 8 amendments from the Florida Constitution Revision Commission were designed to deceive and mislead you. 

Former Representative Jim Kallinger, a Winter Park Republican, says the commission went rogue.

"Bottom line is the CRC and the proposals simply cannot be trusted," he said. "They intentionally and dishonestly drafted their proposals to be vague, in order to confuse voters and conceal their political agenda."

Kallinger and the rest of the group are urging the voters to vote against all eight of the amendments placed on the ballot by the Constitutional Revision Commission.

But Kallinger says it’s not enough to simply defeat those amendments. 

He and the others in the group say they want the legislature to reform the Constitution Revision Commission... or abolish it.


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