Wells Fargo Reportedly Cuts Off Florida Candidate

One of the Democrats running for state agriculture commissioner says she had to move her campaign account to a new bank because Wells Fargo doesn't want her business anymore. 

Nikki Fried of Fort Lauderdale says they targeted her because she advocates for medical marijuana.

"I am not touching the plans, I am not selling the plan, I am not producing the plans, I am simply advocating for the expansion of medical marijuana," she said. "And that was their reason for closing me down."

Freed was a lobbyist for the medical marijuana industry before she become a candidate for agriculture commissioner.

She says the actions of Wells Fargo constitute an example of the problems in the system.

"These actions by Wells Fargo are totally unprecedented, and crystallize the reason why I chose to run for office," she said

.Medical marijuana is legal in Florida.

An amendment legalizing medical marijuana passed with overwhelming public support in the 2016 election.


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