Sanders Stumps for Gillum

Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders came to the University of Central Florida Friday, as part of a campaign sweep into Florida on behalf of Democratic governor's candidate Andrew Gillum.

Gillum, the former Mayor of Tallahassee, had earlier received an endorsement from Sanders for his campaign, and has seen the progressive Vermont Senator acting as one of his biggest backers.

Recent polling has Gillum in the middle of a field of five Democratic contenders for the governor's mansion, and he is striving to boost those numbers with campaign stops such as Friday's.

During his appearance in Central Florida, Gillum cited his positions on various issues, such as gun law reforms and health care reforms, as issues that would bring Democratic voters out to the polls.

Despite the rivalry with other Democratic contenders, both Gillum and Sanders said the core threat facing the party was voter apathy, and that was something they should strive to combat.

Sanders, however, also strove to describe Gillum in terms of a candidate who was representative of the future.

He said Gillum was the sort of candidate who people were seeking, as someone who could revolutionize politics and take it out of the realm of business as usual.


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