Orlando TSA Notes More Guns Stopped at Checkpoints

The Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, Orlando Police Department, and the Transportation Security Administration on Thursday provided travel tips, including a reminder for travelers to either leave their guns at home or pack them correctly in checked baggage. 

There's a reason for the reminder.

According to figures provided by GOAA, Orlando leads the state in the number of travelers who have been stopped at checkpoints because of guns in the carry-on luggage this year.

Orlando International Airport reported 82 guns intercepted so far this year. 

Fort Lauderdale reported 66 of these cases, Tampa had 47, and Miami had 24 for the same period.

TSA officers at airports across the state say they have stopped a near-record number of passengers who brought guns to the checkpoints this year. 

Travelers are reminded that they need to focus on what is inside their carry-on bags. 

Officials say that forgetting that firearm can carry a stiff penalty.

If a traveler has a concealed weapons permit, he or she can face misdemeanor charges.

Without a concealed carry permit, the charges get steeper, including fines and possible jail time.

Even in a best-case scenario, it's likely that the passenger is going to face an interview from the TSA, and is not going to catch their intended flight.

The advice for those who feel they need to carry guns is to put them in luggage destined for the plane's cargo hold, and to have the weapon inside a secure and locked container inside that luggage. 

Officials say they prefer the lock to be one of the TSA-approved locks, which can be opened with a master key carried by TSA inspectors.

TSA officials say the escalation of intercepted weapons at checkpoints is not only troubling but dangerous, as most of the guns have been loaded. 

In addition to firearms, TSA officers say they have stopped literally tons of prohibited items such as knives and brass knuckles.

Officials also say they've stopped tens of thousands of pounds of hazardous materials ... such as flammable and corrosive household chemicals.

TSA authorities say there really ought not to be any need for the average person to travel with corrosive liquids ... so please leave that at home.


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