Florida Jobs Picture Still Solid

Unemployment was down in Florida during the month of July, according to figures from the state.

It was just one tenth of one percentage point, but Cissy Proctor at the Department of Economic Opportunity says Florida's jobless rate continued heading in a good direction last month.

"The unemployment rate dropped," she said. "We're down to three point seven percent, and our unemployment is one that remains low even as our labor force continues to grow."

It was a good month for job creation as Florida added 27-thousand 400 new ones in July. 

There are still 383 thousand Floridians on the unemployment rolls, but it’s the lowest that number has been in years.

Okaloosa and Saint Johns Counties now have the lowest unemployment rate in the state at 3 percent. 

Hendry County has the highest rate at 8-point-7 percent.


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