Deputy's Life-Saving Moment Caught on Video

An incident from earlier in the summer hit with a new impact, because of video released late in the week.

The video is from a Seminole County Sheriff's Deputy rushing a three-year-old girl to a local hospital the morning of June 17.

According to reports from the Sheriff's Office, the deputy was one of a team called to the Vista Haven Apartments.

Deputies had reportedly been responding to a call about a girl who may have been left inside a stolen vehicle.

Accounts of the incident indicate that Deputy Bill Dunn saw a girl, age 3, inside a car art the apartment complex.

The vehicle was locked and the windows were rolled up, according to reports from the Sheriff's Office.

Dash-cam video showed Dunn getting the girl out of the car and rushing her to his vehicle.

His report shows that he put the girl in his car, turned the air conditioner to full, and sped to the nearest hospital.

Accounts of the incident show that the girl, who had been fading in and out of consciousness, began to show signs of recovery during the short trip to get help.

Officials say the girl recovered and was released from the hospital a few days after the incident.

Authorities add that it appeared the mother had gone to purchase liquor the night before, taking her three children with her. 

She reportedly forgot to bring the third child back into the apartment when she returned, officials say.

Investigators say that the mother called 911 the next morning to report the car and the child as missing.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the mother faces a charge of child neglect.


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