Dyer Gives Solid State of the City Update

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer gave his State of the City address on the occasion of his 60th birthday, and used the milestone to describe "60 Reasons To Love Orlando."

"The word is getting out," he said, noting that major publications were describing how the thrills in Orlando could be found "not only in our famous theme parks, but in our restaurants throughout the city."

Dyer also noted that Orlando was home to many exceptional neighborhoods, and he was helping to put forward an $80 million investment in improving neighborhood infrastructure.

The investment was what Dyer called "a love letter to our neighborhoods."

Mayor Dyer said the city's sports scene is getting more exciting with a new pro football team coached by Steve Spurrier, and he said he was excited about the Magic's future with a lot of young talent.

Dyer also discussed how the city was striving to deal with the challenges all growing cities face, from transportation to education to crime reduction and homelessness.

However, the thing that really seemed to catch the media's eye was a plumbing proposal.

Dyer said city hall would soon have an "all user" bathroom; the first of its kind in a government building in Florida.

He said restrooms of this sort provide a safe and private facility for families, the disabled, any who would require it.


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