Judge Nixes Greyhound Amendment

A Tallahassee circuit judge has ruled that a greyhound racing amendment should be removed from the November ballot. 

Prop 13 would ban commercial dog racing in the Sunshine State, but attorneys like Major Harding, with the Florida Greyhound Association, had said the amendment's title and summary mislead the voters about the true impact .

"The ballot title is 'ends dog racing,' " he said. "This amendment does not end dogs racing."

Circuit judge Karen Gievers ruled that not only was the amendment inaccurate, it was incomplete and misleading.

She noted that language on the amendment did not make it clear that it would also affect slot machines at greyhound tracks.

Lawyers for a group called the "Committee to Protect Dogs" have claimed there's nothing deceptive about it and its fate should be decided by the voters... not the courts.

Supporters of the amendment said they would appeal the ruling.


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