Deputies Fatally Wound Subject in Standoff

A man with two outstanding warrants is dead after a brief standoff with Orange County deputies. 

According to Sheriff Jerry Demings, deputies approached the home Thursday, finding both the suspect and his grandmother there.

Sheriff Demings says the deputies saw the suspect, and saw him produce a handgun.

He says the deputies were able to get the grandmother away from the home.

After a tense waiting period, Demings says the suspect came out of the home armed. 

He says deputies shot the suspect with a hard plastic bullet; a non-lethal round.

He told reporters that the suspect retreated back into the home and opened fire from inside the front door of the house. 

Deputies reportedly returned fire and mortally wounded the man.

Sheriff Demings told reporters that a drone aircraft recorded video of the standoff, and the video was consistent with all other accounts from the scene. 

It was later learned by authorities that the suspect had a bb gun, though it resembled a realistic-looking handgun.

There is likely to be an investigation by state police, which is customary in cases like this.


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