Report: Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Satellite Beach Groundwater

Tests of groundwater, ordered by Satellite Beach city officials, turned up cancer-causing chemicals in the groundwater at three random test wells.

That information was released by city officials Wednesday.

The tests were ordered after a Defense Department investigation found the chemicals in high concentrations underground at Patrick Air Force Base, and after a local oncologist presented concerns about a potential cluster of cancer cases in the Satellite Beach area.

The chemicals found in the Satellite Beach groundwater were in substantially lower levels than those found at the Air Force base, according to authorities.

Officials noted that the chemicals are associated with various consumer products, which include fire-extinguishing foam.

These foams were used frequently at military bases until their potential as a carcinogen was discovered. 

They were phased out after that.

Authorities say that the chemicals found in Satellite Beach, perfluorooctane sulfonate and/or perfluorooctanoic acid, were not present in the drinking water.

The city gets its drinking water from other sources, all of which test as safe.

City officials say they are concerned about the discovery, and want to have the wells re-tested in order to verify the results.


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