Five Arrested after Volusia Gun Shop Burglary

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office reports that five young men from Orange County are facing armed burglary and grand theft charges in a weekend break-in at a DeBary gun store where 18 firearms were stolen.

Investigators say that members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were watching when the group arrived at the store, SWUB Tactical, in the dark hours of Saturday morning. 

According to incident reports, Orange County deputies were conducting surveillance on the group's car, which had reportedly been stolen.

Investigators say they followed the vehicle from Orange County to DeBary.

Authorities say the suspects used bricks to smash their way into the gun shop, then smashed their way into several locked cases containing handguns, shotguns and AR-10 and AR-15 rifles. 

Investigators say Orange County deputies then followed the group back to Orlando, where they conducted a traffic stop and took all five defendants into custody.  

Investigators say all but one of the stolen firearms were recovered. They said the missing gun has been listed as stolen. 

The total value of the guns taken from the store was estimated to be slightly more than $14,000, according to a Sheriff's Office report.


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