Busy Times for Disney, Universal

Sometime next year, for somebody at a Walt Disney resort, it will literally be the last straw.

That person will get the final disposable plastic straw that the Walt Disney Company has in stock.

Disney says it's getting rid of the non biodegradable stuff, at all of its parks and resorts worldwide, and should be done with it by the middle of next year.

And it's not just the single-use straws. 

Disney said Thursday it will also get rid of plastic stirrers, and is working on reducing the number of plastic bags guests use.

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens have already announced that they're getting rid of single-use straws and plastic bags.

Theme park observers say that as Disney goes, it's also likely that other themed attractions will go.

So, a similar announcement from Universal might be in the offing before long.

Universal's parent company, Comcast, did make an intriguing announcement Thursday, albeit a cryptic one.

During a conference call with bankers, officials with Universal confirmed that they did file for a patent for the name "Fantastic Worlds."

That confirmation seemed to take the shape of a broad, but vaporous, hint.

There seems to be a growing body of hints, speculation and fragments of puzzle-pieces regarding property Universal recently bought in Orlando, near its existing three theme parks; and it appears to be pointing in the direction of a fourth park.

All that is certain is that Universal Orlando is planning ... something.

The "where" appears to be Orlando, near the current complex.

The "what," "when," and "how big" appear, for now, to be cards Universal is holding very close to its vest.


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