Deputies: Suspect Arrested in Kissimmee Couple's Death

Investigators in Osceola County said Monday that an arrest had been made in the shooting death of a Kissimmee couple, found dead inside their home last week.

According to deputies, the couple, identified as Roosevelt and Janette Dixon, had been found dead in their home on July 14, and it appeared they had been dead for some time.

.Investigators said a search of the couple's cellphone turned up a lead to a man who had reportedly worked as a handyman for the couple.

Deputies said the handyman, identified as Frederico Gondola, became their prime suspect.

They said that a thorough investigation led to his arrest this week.

Deputies said that Gondola told them he had been planning to extort roughly $1 million from the couple, from money they supposedly held in life insurance and savings.

Gondola, according to the Sheriff's Office, was arrested and faces charges of first-degree murder.


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