Report Documents Theme Park Guest Health Issues

Several guests at Walt Disney World resorts reported health issues recently, according to a state report issued this week.

There is nothing ominous in the report, which documented the number of injuries, illnesses, accidents and deaths at Florida's theme parks.

The report is customary; and is submitted voluntarily and punctually by the parks.

The report is compiled from data submitted by the parks, as part of an agreement that allows them not to have to undergo state inspections.

The parks are required to notify the state, every quarter, about ride-related injuries or illnesses at themed-attractions; any kind of immediate case that requires a hospital stay of 24 hours or more.

The records indicate that most issues arise from people who were dealing with medical issues before they visited the parks.

The most serious case on recent record was a death at Disney's Blizzard Beach. 

According to the case report, a 71-year-old man visiting the attraction last month suffered a fatal heart attack.

Other guest health issues reported by Disney included a man who suffered a fractured ankle at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon, and a pregnant woman who went into labor while on a ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom park.

State officials say Universal Orlando Resorts reported that three guests complained of pain or weakness after riding attractions there.

State records for this quarter, which covered the months of April through June, show that two Central Florida parks reported no guest injuries or illnesses at all

.Legoland Florida and SeaWorld Orlando had no guest health problems to report, according to the document released by the state.


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