Markeith Loyd Gets New Lawyer

A man facing trial for murder in Orlando will be represented by a Miami attorney, according to a judge's decision Tuesday.

Markeith Loyd is charged in the deaths of his ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, and Orlando Police Lt Debra Clayton. 

Court records show he lost his first lead attorney, Roger Weeden, because of a technical issue with Weeden's credentials for representing a client facing the death penalty.

The history of Loyd's case indicated that the defendant had told the judge that he had wanted Miami attorney Terry Lenamon to represent him, but case records show the judge had been reluctant to appoint Lenamon since taxpayers are footing the bill for Loyd's defense.

The judge, in a Tuesday hearing, apparently had reconsidered, and agreed to the appointment.

Court records show Loyd will also be keeping his second attorney, Ted Marerro. 

That is not uncommon, since death penalty clients tend to have two attorneys because of the amount of work involved in capital cases. 

Each case against Loyd, the murder trial for Dixon and the murder trial for Clayton, will be tried separately, according to court filings.

Based on the current court calendar, Loyd's trial for the killing of Dixon is targeted for January 2019.


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