Health Concerns over a Popular Cereal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is cautioning people to steer clear of a popular breakfast cereal, and to throw it out if they have any in their homes.

According to the CDC, the cereal Honey Smacks has been linked to at least 100 cases in a salmonella outbreak affecting people in 33 states.

Two cases are known to be in Florida, according to health officials.

Records show that Kellogg's, the maker of the cereal, has already worked to get it out of circulation, pulling more than a million boxes of it from store shelves.

CDC officials, however, said they were still concerned that some stores were still selling the product.

They said they were also concerned that it might be in some homes where consumers were not aware of the health issues.

The advice from the CDC is not to eat Honey Smacks from any size package.

Authorities with the CDC say people should also disregard any "sell-by" date, and go ahead and dispose of the product.


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