New Area Code OKed for Central Florida

Central Florida has been given the go-ahead by state regulators to add a new area code.

The region has been starting to run low on phone numbers that use the area code 407, and officials estimate they will run out of numbers for that area code relatively soon.

With those concerns in mind, the Public Service Commission approved a request to add the area code 689 to the region currently served by the 407 area code.

The 321 area code, which had spilled into other parts of central Florida, now belongs exclusively to Brevard County.

Officials with the PSC say that, starting later this year, the new area code will be distributed. 

They say the allocation of the new area code begin when they run out of available numbers to assign to the 407 area code.

The PSC says that the 689 area code will be assigned to new phone numbers.

People who already have a 407 area code for their phone number will not see that change.


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