Orlando Listed as a Good City To Drive

Many people cursing the daily commute and the snarl of construction through Orlando may be surprised to learn where it ranks in a new study.

According to the consumer site WalletHub.com, Orlando is the third-best city to drive in ... in the United States.

WalletHub says it based its rankings on several factors in the nation's largest 100 cities.

Factors considered in the study included the average price of gas, the number of repair shops, and, yes, traffic delays.

Orlando scored well for traffic and infrastructure, helping the city cement its position.

But it wasn't all a bed of roses for the City Beautiful.

Orlando scored poorly for safety, which included the likelihood of accidents and the rates of vehicle thefts.

Raleigh, N.C. took top honors in the WalletHub survey. 

The cost of car ownership helped put it over the top.

Corpus Christi, Texas took the second spot, thanks in part to its lack of traffic troubles.


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