Orlando Police Plan More Tests of Face-Recognition System

The Orlando Police Department reportedly plans to continue testing a facial-recognition software package.

The software, called "Rekognition," was developed by Amazon, and has reportedly been tested by the police department as part of a trial of its reliability.

The trial reportedly expired last month; but accounts indicate the police department informed the Mayor's Office in a memo that it wanted to continue testing the system to see if the technology was robust and mature enough to warrant purchase.

Rekognition can use the city cameras to locate an individual and track that person's movements in real time, according to Amazon.

Orlando police say the test of the system has not involved any investigative use of the software. 

Police officials say they are testing whether the software can do what Amazon says it can, and they say they have been using a limited number of cameras.

Civil rights authorities have already declared that the technology, without substantial checks, limits and enforcement measures, could be ripe for abuse.


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