SeaWorld Apparently Settling in Pass-Holder Lawsuit

A proposed settlement by SeaWorld in a class-action lawsuit could bring a few extra bucks to some pass-holders.

According to case records, the lawsuit claimed that SeaWorld automatically charged for renewal of annual passes after the passes had expired.

This apparently happened in cases where the passes were purchased through the EZ Pay system.

Under a proposed settlement, more than 100,000 customers could be eligible for refunds in a pot totaling a bit more than $11 million.

Floridians who purchased an annual pass through EZ Pay from December 3, 2008 through December 3, 2014 could be eligible for a refund, according to court documents.

Those documents, however, specify that a pass-holder will not be eligible for any refund if they used the annual pass after the expiration of the first year.

Records show that, under the terms of the settlement, SeaWorld does not admit to any wrongdoing.


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