School Report Cards Released

Florida has issued its annual school report card, though with little fanfare. 

2018 marks the 20th year that the state has released its School Report Card, grading public schools.

The release used to be marked with high-profile news conferences and weighty commentary from education officials.

This year, despite the results being more upbeat than last year, the information was released with little in the way of fanfare.

The report card showed that public schools scored better grades this year than the year before.

More schools scored an A or a B, and fewer schools scored an F, according to state officials. 

Authorities say 58 percent of the schools counted had As and Bs, while only 7 percent scored an F.

The school report card is based on how well students do overall on standardized tests in reading, math, social studies and science.

More than 3 thousand schools in Florida were graded for this year.

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