Orlando Police Officer Continues Slow Recovery

Members of the public got an update Wednesday on the condition of Orlando Police Officer Kevin Valencia, who suffered a brain injury during a standoff earlier this month. 

Officer Valencia's wife, Megan, joined with members of the Orlando Police Department to let people know that the officer was making headway, though he would have a long road to recovery.

Valencia remains in a coma, but his wife said he was showing more signs of being responsive. 

She said he was doing things such as making small gestures; squeezing a hand, for example, when asked by the medical staff.

Megan Valencia said her husband was being taken to a facility in Georgia which helps people recover from injuries such as those he sustained.

Kevin suffered his brain injury when suspect Gary Lindsey junior shot him in the face as he and another officer responded to a domestic call at an Orlando apartment.

That began a standoff of nearly 21 hours at the apartment, which ended with police breaching the front door

.Inside the apartment, officers say they found four children, two of them Lindsey's and two of them his girlfriend's, all apparently shot while they slept.

Police say they also found Lindsey, who appeared to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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