FAMU Under Fire in Orlando Meeting

Tough questions for Florida A and M at the State Board of Governor's meeting in Orlando. 

The Board of Governors oversees the state university system, and Governor Norman Tripp grilled President Larry Robinson about the low scores of FAMU grads on national licensing exams.

"What is FAMU's plan to improve on its pass rates?" he asked. "Not 'Oh, we're gonna work on it,' not 'Oh, we're thinking about it.' When are you going to turn it around?"

Robinson was also questioned about the rising debt load of FAMU students.

One Governor asked Robinson if the university should be asking for additional capacity when, instead, it should be "laser-focused" on the issues of pass rates and debt load.

FAMU achieved its highest score yet on what are known as "performance metrics" but still trails most of the other state universities.

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