Legal Briefs on June 6, 2018

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  • Question: Can a non-custodial parent prohibit a child from speaking with a step parent that the child lives with?

Answer: No. Unless it’s detrimental to the child, very rarely will a judge change the terms of the agreement.

  • Question: Can you sue someone for their dog or cat leaving behind feces without cleaning it up in your yard?

Answer: Yes, but there must be real damages. You can contact the police and perhaps get a trespass warrant, but that seems a little excessive.

  • Question: A New York man was suing CVS because the pharmacist revealed his Viagra prescription to his wife who was unaware. The pharmacist’s lack of discretion led to the breakdown of his marriage, causing genuine severe mental and emotional harm to him. What’s your take on this?

Answer: It is a violation of the customer’s privacy. A jury might find the man is partially responsible because he was caught cheating and that is the true reason for the divorce.


  • Question: Is it a HIPPA violation?

Answer: Yes, they revealed his medical records. However, stating that he would not have been caught with infidelity unless the pharmacist revealed his prescription, is not a great argument.

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