... And Then There Were Ten

The world’s premier Halloween event is about to get even scarier.

That is the adrenaline-laced promise from Universal Orlando resorts.

Universal Orlando said Thursday that it's adding a tenth haunted house to this year's Halloween Horror Nights. 

Universal said in a release that this is the first time in the event’s 28-year history that 10 haunted houses will be featured - giving guests more scares than ever before.  

What's the theme of Haunted House Number Ten? 

That's a good question, and one that Universal Orlando has promised to answer ... though the resort veils the promise in the word "soon."

Basically, horror-minded fans of the event are advised to stay tuned for the details.

For now, however, the theme of Halloween Horror Nights appears to be one that appeals to the scares of the 1980s.

Cinematic greats, slasher films, cult classics and original nightmares inspired by the past will come to life as guests face 10 haunted houses based on the most terrifying names in pop culture - including Netflix’s sci-fi thriller "Stranger Things" and Legendary Pictures' Halloween classic "Trick 'r Treat" - and five scare zones.

Universal also revealed some of the scare zones guests will encounter at Halloween Horror Nights 2018. 

Visitors can expect encounters with ravenous punk, material girl and metal head vampires in Vamp 85: New Year’s Eve.

Visitors will also come face-to-face with beings of rotted pumpkins and fetid vines who are seeking out human sacrifices in Twisted Tradition.

If that doesn't meet the needs of the scare-fueled fan, he or she can always fall victim to foul and decrepit creatures in The Harvest.

Universal is also promising more with its other scare-zones. 

Halloween Horror Nights takes place for 34 select nights from September 14 - November 3.


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