Florida SupCo Hears Tobacco Appeal

A Delray Beach woman who sued R-J Reynolds Tobacco Company after her mother died of lung cancer is asking the Florida Supreme Court to intervene in her case. 

A jury awarded Gwen Odom $6 million in compensatory damages, but the tobacco company convinced an appeals court to overturn their decision. 

Odom's attorney, David Sales, told the Florida high court tobacco companies are gaming the legal system.

"And what's happening in these cases is that Reynolds is leaving the matter of damages not to the jury, but looking to the trial courts, when the verdict is averse, to rescue them," he said.

Lawyers for the tobacco company claim the $6 million verdict is excessive.

They claim the award is excessive because Odom was an adult who had not lived with her mother for 13 years, and had a family of her own.

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