Checking the Lead in the Water

Doctors in Tallahassee say Flint, Michigan may have become infamous for the lead found in its drinking water, but it has a disturbing amount of company.

Toward that end, the doctors and like-minded folk are asking state lawmakers for some help in dealing with things.

An environmental group called "Get the Lead Out" is asking state lawmakers to pay for water filters at every elementary school and middle school in the state. 

Doctor Ronald Saff says filters are inexpensive and they’re best way to deal with the lead in Florida's water.

"The lead in our drinking water does not come from the groundwater or aquifer, but from solder and pipes, brass fittings, and the inner lining of galvanized pipes ... thousands of which criss-cross Florida," he said. "Older schools, those built before 1986, pose the highest risk."

It's not just the schools that are at risk. 

Saff says they found elevated levels of lead in some of the water fountains in the state capitol building.

Lead contamination is serious business, according to scientists.

They note that some of the documented effects of lead exposure are IQ loss, aggressive behavior, inattention, ADHD, and growth delay.

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