Florida Gets Low Marks for Women's Health

A new report says the health of Florida's women is about average, but barely. 

Julie Anderson with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research says their study shows some improvement over the past decade.

"Overall, Florida earned a grade of C-minus for health and well-being," she said. "That's an improvement over the D-plus the state received back in the 2004 Status of Women in the State's report we did."

The mortality rate from chronic diseases is down substantially in the new study... as is the number of AIDS cases. 

But Anderson says there have been significant increases in diabetes, Chlamydia and suicides among Florida women.

Anderson  says heart disease is the number one killer... followed by cancer.

Anderson says Florida can improve the health of its women by expanding public health programs like Medicaid. 

But the governor and the men who run the Florida Legislature have refused.

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