Florida Crime Rate Declines

Florida got a bit safer last year. 

Authorities say the state's overall crime rate went down by 6 percent.

The Florida figures were for calendar year 2017, and Governor Rick Scott says the crime rate in the Sunshine State is now at its lowest level in 47 years.

"Florida's crime rate dropped by 6 percent in 2017, including a reduction in violent crime by more than three percent," he said.

Scott made the announcement at the Jacksonville Sheriff's office. 

He says law enforcement officers deserve credit for the lower crime rate.

There are seven different categories of crime and six of them were down last year. 

There were fewer murders, assaults, robberies and burglaries, according to the figures provided.

However, reports of domestic violence appeared to rise.

Rape was also a crime that saw the numbers increase, according to authorities.

Almost 8-thousand sexual assaults were reported in Florida... an increase of almost 5 percent.

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