Ripples from Texas School Shooting

A Friday shooting at a high school in the city of Santa Fe,  near Houston, has left that state shaken and has been felt all the way into Florida.

The shooting resulted in 10 deaths and 10 injuries, according to authorities in the Lone Star State.

Officials said the shooting at Santa Fe High School had been carried out by a student, who was in custody and facing capital charges.

The student, identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis, had his first court appearance DFriday night, where he was informed of the charges against him.

The episode did not go unnoticed or unremarked in Florida, the scene of the Valentine's Day shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Officials in Florida were quick to promise more security more immediately on school campuses here.

While all schools in Florida will be required to have either a certified law enforcement officer or armed security on campus with the fall start of the school year, many districts are beefing up security for the remainder of the spring term.

In Polk County, the Sheriff's Office said Friday that every school in that district would have either a deputy or a police officer on duty, and that the law enforcement officer would be armed.

Students from Stoneman Douglas High School also expressed their condolences via Twitter.

One of the students, Jaclyn Corin, said her heart was heavy for the Texas students.

Emma Gonzalez, another of the Stoneman Douglas students, tweeted to Santa Fe High School, "you didn't deserve this."

Another student said, solemnly, "We should not have this in common."

The sense of companionship through shared hardship and grief appeared to be a palpable one, as the Florida students reached out to those in Texas in the wake of the tragedy.

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