Tweet Makes One Orlando Alliance Pull Directorship Offer

A consortium of charities founded in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting has withdrawn an offer made earlier to an Alabama lawmaker.

The consortium, known as the One Orlando Alliance, had offered the position of executive director to Alabama state representative Patricia Todd.

Todd was supposed to take the job on June 1, until a controversial tweet ascribed to her surfaced.

Todd, who is openly gay, tweeted that someone should "out" Alabama Governor Kay Ivey.

Ivey, who is running for re-election, vigorously denied any allegation that she is gay.

One Orlando Alliance withdrew the directorship job Thursday, after learning of Todd's tweet, according to a statement from the organization..

The statement from One Orlando Alliance read, in part, that Todd's statements "are not aligned with the values of One Orlando Alliance."

The organization concluded its statement by saying members believed strongly that coming out is a personal choice, and they do not support people being "outed" involuntarily.

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