TaxWatch Supporting Florida Amendment 2

Florida TaxWatch is warning of higher property taxes if voters don't approved Amendment 2 on the November ballot. 

TaxWatch Director Dominic Calabro says taxes on rentals and commercial property would increase by $700 million dollars per year.

"Because if you don't vote yes on this, either you or your neighbors will see massive tax increases and a great deal of property tax dissatisfaction," he said.

Homeowners covered by the Homestead Exemption won't be affected, but Calabro says businesses, part-time residents, owners of undeveloped land and anyone living in a rental unit will end up paying higher taxes if Amendment 2 doesn't pass.

Ten years ago, Floridians voted to put this limit on property taxes paid by renters and businesses. 

But that provision expires at the end of the year if voters don't approve Amendment 2 in November.

Amendments require 60 percent of the vote in order to pass.

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