Florida Sues Drug Companies over Opioids

The battle over opioids is on. 

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is suing 8 of the largest drug companies in the world for their role in the opioid epidemic.

"It's time the defendants pay for the pain and the destruction that they have caused," she said. "As the third largest state in our country, we are free-standing, we are filing our own complaint right here in Florida, because that's where we were hit the hardest."

Bondi says they're asking for money because it's the only thing those companies seem to care about.

"How do you impact big pharma? Money," she said. "I wish I could send some of them to jail, but I can't. So, we're going after them financially."

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday in Pasco County, one of the epicenters of the opioid epidemic in Florida. 

Bondi says an average of 175 Americans are killed every day by opioids... including 15 from Florida.

Her legal team hasn't figured out all the damages yet but Bondi says it's going to be billions.

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