Disney Dragon Catches Fire

A parade at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom became more of a spectacle than planned Friday afternoon.

According to eyewitness accounts, and plenty of video and Twitter posts, a fire-breathing dragon float at the Festival of Fantasy Parade quite literally caught fire.

The dragon, which blends elements of fantasy and Steampunk, is supposed to shoot fire from its nose.Some part of the system apparently went awry, causing part of the dragon's head and neck to catch fire.

Disney officials confirmed the fire had taken place, and they also were able to confirm that the area was quickly cleared for safety's sake and that no guests or employees were injured.

Officials said that the fire was extinguished quickly, and video shows the float being doused by a robust and businesslike fire extinguisher.

Members of the Reedy Creek fire department were dispatched to the scene, but Disney officials say the fire was out long before they arrived.

Disney said that the park would investigate the episode and find out what went wrong.

Until then, it looks like the show will go on, only without any fire-breathing dragons.


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