IT Workers Drop Suit Against Disney

An attorney who had filed several lawsuits on behalf of Disney workers who claimed they lost their jobs to Indian nationals in 2014 said that she was giving up the suit.

In a mid-afternoon press conference Wednesday, attorney Sara Blackwell made the announcement.

Blackwell had filed, and lost, four separate lawsuits on behalf of some 250 IT workers at Disney.

The suits had claimed that Disney had used the H-1B visa program to hire workers from overseas to do the jobs of the IT workers, at lower wages than Americans were making.

This particular visa is used primarily for specialty workers from overseas, people with the technical and scientific skills that Americans don't have. 

Critics contend that the visas have become a way for American companies to make an end-run around hiring practices and import cheaper labor on yet another front.

They claimed that was the case with Disney.

The case had become national headlines in 2014, and raised questions about the visa program.

Wednesday's events, however, appear to signal the end of any legal fight over the issue.

Disney released a statement  repeating its stand that, all along, the company had maintained the lawsuits were "completely baseless."

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