Kids Sue State Over Climate Change

Eight Florida kids are suing the state for failure to do anything about climate change. 

Oscar Psychas of Gainesville says Florida politicians have a legal duty to preserve the environment for future generations... like his.

"It is our right and our duty to hold you accountable," he said. "We are suing Governor Rick Scott, Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam, and the state of Florida for our constitutional right to a stable climate ... and we will not stop in this fight to make sure that the Florida we love will be there for our future and our children's future."

At the age of 20, Psychas is the oldest of the kids suing the state. 

The youngest is just 10 years old.

The lawsuit in state court is part of a nationwide campaign by a group called "Our Children's Trust." 

They've filed a similar lawsuit against the U-S government in federal court.

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