Brevard Mother Arrested after Twins' Deaths

A woman in West Melbourne was arrested this week in connection with the deaths of her new-born twins and is now facing more severe charges, according to police reports.

Authorities say the woman, identified as Rachael Lynn Thomas, had called 9-1-1 Sunday.

Investigators arriving at her home say they found one new-born infant, who was taken to an area hospital and later pronounced dead.

They say a second infant, discovered in a bag in a trash can after a search of the residence, was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to incident accounts, Thomas told police she was completely unaware that she was pregnant until she gave birth on the toilet at her home.

Police said Tuesday that Thomas had earlier claimed she thought the infants were stillborn.

Investigators say she had given birth to two healthy infants.

Both infants, according to authorities, had suffered from blunt force trauma to the head and one had reportedly been strangled.

Investigators say Thomas has been charged with one count of first degree murder and two counts of felony murder in addition to two counts of child neglect and one count of evidence tampering.

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