Four Hurricane Names Being Retired

There are four names that you'll never be seeing again from the National Hurricane Center.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, parent agency of the NHC, has stricken the names Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Nate from the roster.

The names are being retired because the storms last year brought so much devastation to the U.S. and Caribbean.

Whenever a storm is so particularly destructive or devastating that the future use of the name would be considered insensitive, that name is retired.

Harvey struck the Texas coast, bringing flooding and ruin to the Houston area and other parts of east Texas.

Irma was a monster storm that literally engulfed the state of Florida after bringing damage to the Caribbean.

Maria was a storm so destructive that Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands in its path have still not fully recovered from its devastation.

Nate was a hurricane that brought a nightmare of flooding to Central America.

In all cases, substantial loss of life accompanied the destruction.

Since 1954, NOAA has retired 86 names from the Atlantic roster.

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